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--the God who gives life to the dead and calls things that are not as though they were.
Romans 4:17b NIV

Storms can come with an unexpected ferocity. Blinding downpours, flooding and strong winds can cause everyone to stand still for a moment while waiting for the storm clouds to pass. The transition from season to season brings storms too. Tropical storms and hurricanes are never welcome visitors but nonetheless their find their way sometimes. 

Storms are a part of living. But are we talking weather or our lives? In our lives, we are often caught off guard by unsuspecting trials and problems. I suspect that almost everyone has had to weather some difficult times and may even be experiencing some now. Discouragement often goes hand in hand with the sudden onset of problems that come to us. But discouragement is not a solution. In fact, wallowing in it just prolongs the situation sometimes. Trying to find an “end to the means” is our own attempt at taking things into our own hands. It is only when we trust God and speak positively about the situation we are in, will we be able to expect help and find hope. If there are storms that are hovering over any of us today, let us take refuge in God and “call into being” the opposite of what is happening in our lives….if we are sick, thank God for making us well. If we are experiencing financial woes, thank God for bringing us prosperity. If we are weak, thank God for bringing us strength. Let our faith push the storm clouds out to sea and let us praise God for his mercy and provisions.



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