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LimitsLimits Jesus looked at them and said, "With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible."

-Matthew 19:26 NIV



When our children were small we definitely had to set limits for them. At the beach, they wanted to wander off and take walks. We either had to go with them or when they got older we would say, “You can walk to the pier and then turn around and come back.” We would set limits based on what we knew and what we could see. Later, they understood limits were used to define what they could and could not do. As parents, there is no limit to our love for our children and because of that, we want to steer them in a good direction and down right path that will help them and not hurt them.


Limits and boundaries are great tools in raising children, establishing order in our lives and in the world, but not in our spiritual life.  Have you ever set limits on what God can do in your prayers only to find out that He blesses you more abundantly that you could imagine?  Faith is allowing God to do it His Way without the limits and obstacles we place in front of Him. It is simple really. We want to always be the one behind the wheel, steering by ourselves when we should defer to Him. Sometimes I think we actually hinder ourselves with our limited thoughts when we should surrender to Him, the one who knows no limits. Each time I have done that, I have realized that God delights in surprising me and giving me so much more than I ever expected. God’s love for us is limitless and so is His grace and mercy. He wants to bless us beyond and above all our expectations.


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