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Being Prepared

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Being PreparedBeing Prepared A final word: Be strong in the Lord and in his mighty power.  Put on all of God’s armor so that you will be able to stand firm against all strategies of the devil. -Ephesians 6:10-11 NLT

Each morning before I take our puppy for a walk, I check the weather and the temperature. I need to know whether to put a coat on both of us, carry an umbrella to shield us from any rain or grab the sunglasses and a hat on a sunny day. Even though I check the weather reports and predictions, I don’t know what to really expect until I actually walk out the door. I think I am fully equipped but many times the rain gives way to sun and vice versa and I realize I am not prepared at all!
We are told to put on the full armor of God each day. What is the full armor? The belt of God’s truth. The breastplate of righteousness which protects our hearts and emotions. The shoes of peace. The shield of faith which helps us to see past our troubles and remain focused on God. The helmet of salvation to keep from doubting God and the sword of the spirit which is God’s Word, our offensive weapon when we are in battle against darkness.
When we cloak ourselves in the full armor of God, we can be assured we have all we need to meet the day.  Each day I specifically ask in prayer that God equips me with His full armor. But why is this so important? As in the weather, sudden storms come up, hurricanes can cut a swath through our geography and lives, snow surprises us wit a covering over the sand and so much more. You get the idea. In our life, how many times have we “planned” our day but things seemed to come out of nowhere. We were thrown off course, off balance.  When we are outfitted with the whole armor of God we know we can rise up over our problems while keeping God at the center of our life. We know we won’t lose control of our emotions, that we will be able to see things as they really are because God’s truth resides in us. We have an abundant faith inside of us to make it through. We will not doubt God or His existence in our life or the situation we seek wisdom to deal with and we have God’s Word to back down the enemy when he tries to come against us.
On the coldest day of winter you would automatically put on your heavy coat and when the rain comes, you’d seek an umbrella and maybe boots. You have trained yourself to do those things instinctively. So it goes with the full armor of God. We should make putting it on as an essential part of our morning until it becomes second nature to us. How could we even think of going through the day without Him


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