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T FamilyFamilyUser comments he Lord is compassionate and gracious, slow to anger and abounding in love.
- Psalm 103:8 NIV

There are many definitions for family but hopefully the common thread that runs through each family unit is love. It is also a blessed family that reflects God’s love by showing compassion to each other.  And that in all ways, we should try to be slow to anger and have large doses of patience, as needed.

The dynamics of the family often changes with the incoming tide. Events, changing circumstances and emotions keep the family either in or out of balance. The families that are able to be flexible and resilient seem to be the ones that function best, acknowledge change well and embrace it. Many generations can make up a family and the distinct differences of those generations can add to the flavor of the gatherings. It is a rich person that has a family to fall back on, to support their hopes and dreams. And a family that acts as a cheerleader to encourage personal growth and change, even if it means putting miles, but not distance, between them.

We can give one another gifts and do kind things for each other, but the greatest gift we can give is respect and by doing so, God’s light shines through us to them. I once heard it said that we don’t choose family. They are God’s gifts to us and we are to them. But what about the person that doesn’t have a family to call their own? Though many of us have experienced losses in this area of family, we can reach out to Him and He is there waiting for us. Take His comfort and rejoice in the love He offers. An unknown author said, “God knows the feelings in every human heart. He can soften sorrow and lead when there seems to be no light. Prayer can give guidance and confidence. It reminds us that no one need be alone in this world. If all else fails, remember, God and one other person can be a family.”  On this Father's Day weekend, take a moment to reflect and show honor to those who have been a blessing in that role of Father.


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