Run Aground

April 27, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

Run AgroundRun Aground Photo credit Liz Brown

We know that all things work together for good to those who love God  -Romans 8:28 NKJ

Boaters trade stories about running aground. It is just one of those things you can’t laugh at when it happens but it can turn into a humorous tale later.  Simply speaking, to run aground means to get stuck!! How many times are we stuck in life? What to do with the new season we find ourselves in? Re-evaluating our goals and hopes most likely. It helps to prayerfully ask what God desires for us. Better to do things God’s way than to just dream on our own without Him where the wind will surely shift and we stall off course.  And as human nature would have it, when we do it our way and we fail, we usually expect Him to fix it!! 

Things today seem frantic. No time for thinking or searching, reading or meditation.  I notice more and more that many people act off of emotion rather than the facts.  Important decisions are being made because “it feels right”. Feelings come and go and change often, but God’s word is constant. He provides wisdom. Ask and it will be given to you.-Luke 11:9 NIV He provides guidelines to follow for a godly life that pleases Him but also gives us satisfaction and pleasure.  Let’s follow the godly markers He sets for us so we don’t run aground


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