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DuskDusk Though you probe my heart and examine me at night, though you test me, you will find nothing; I have resolved that my mouth will not sin. –Psalm 17:3 NIV

The definition of dusk is the time of day immediately following sunset. That time is also called twilight. When I am at the beach, the ability to see such a large expanse of sky enables me to see the most glorious sunsets as if it were a panoramic view. But the time I like best is dusk. Those few moments when the sun has vanished from the horizon, yet the clouds still reflect the fading light is beautiful. Sometimes the sky is ablaze with fiery reds and oranges. Other times, pinks and shades of purple dominate the sky. One can’t help but think about the largeness of the universe and that we are just a speck of life in the scope of things. Looking at the sky at dusk is the final salute to the day as I hope with all my heart that the day was used as God would have me use it.
To see the sky at dusk means that I must look up and not down. My eyes have to rise up to the clouds, to look over the landscape. That is what it means to live above our circumstances. What we should try to do with each day is to not focus on the problems, our shortcomings or anyone else’s or the lack that surrounds us, but instead try to see the good and God in everything. Sickness may come, or recovery from illness may seem too slow. The children need so much attention and the mundane tasks of everyday life are leaving us with an empty cup.  God would have us look up above over these things. Look beyond. Look up to Him. When adversity knocks on the door, how we handle it tells it all. Our actions, attitudes and the words that tumble out of our mouths when we are knee-deep in problems or pain can be a blessing to us and those around us or not. It is our choice. I believe that as we sleep each night, God renews us and purifies our heart. When we wake up we have a new, fresh start. It is up to us to try to end each day the way we started, which is receiving God’s Love and Peace, and no matter what the day brings, doing our best to stay in His Love and Peace, so that we can give it to others.


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